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Expedition Support

I. The polar logistic is an extremely difficult and precise job

where the smallest detail can jeopardize all a project. We arrange logistical support services for expeditions, scientific missions, film crews and engineering projects in the Polar regions. We provide all kinds of transportation support, cache positioning, personnel logistics and resupply.
We can study and organize almost any project for explorers, scientists, tv crews, tour agencies, etc. in the Polar regions or Russian expanses.
Our range of compentences is:
1. Project study.
2. Project authorizations,
3. Deployements of transport means: aircraft, helicopters off road vehicles, etc.
4. Expedition tracking, resupplies, search and rescue operations.
5. Passenger and cargo flights to the North Pole,

The polar logistic is an extremely difficult and precise job

II. Rock Foundation Archeological Expedition to the New Siberian Islands

Since 2001 we make logistics and carry out a scientific archeological expedition on " Novosibirskie Ostrova " archipelago. The expedition is organized by the American Company "Rock Foundation"

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