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Vicaar North Pole, South Pole Extreme expeditions

The Russian State Museum of Arctic and Antarctic The Russian State Museum of Arctic and Antarctic is the only museum of its kind in Russia. It is one of the largest ones in the World devoted to the discovery and history of exploration, natural environment, and the economy and culture of the polar regions of the planet.
The Polar Web The Polar Web is your guide to Internet resources dealing with the lands and waters surrounding the North Pole and the South Pole, and with other cold regions of the Earth
The Scott Polar Research Institute The Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI), the oldest research centre in the world covering both the Arctic and Antarctic. The Scott Polar Research Institute is part of  the University of Cambridge.
Russian Federation the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute belongs to the Russian Federal Service on hydrometeorology and environmental protection. Organized in 1920, AARI is the oldest and the largest Russian research institution in the field of comprehensive studies of the Polar Regions
Adventure Network International Adventure Network International knows this vast polar region like no other company; with a permanent base on the continent throughout the Antarctic summer, ANI is the only organization in the world providing private-sector services in the Antarctic interior; coupled with an exciting range of Arctic programs.
Quark Expeditions Quark Expeditions has been one of the leading innovators and operators of expedition cruises, especially in polar regions, since 1991. They have pioneered and developed a concept of fantastically adventurous voyages in first class comfort on powerful polar icebreakers
Poseidon Poseidon - It is the only Russian company that arranges voyages to the North Pole and the Arctic aboard icebreakers and ice-rated ships featuring latest developments as to engine power and equipment.
The Poles This site is devoted to polar regions and is a part of ExplorersWeb. ExplorersWeb is aimed to open up the most extreme parts of the world to all go-wishers. The site publishes independent, non-commercial guides and news on mountaineering, ocean sailing, polar treks and other upcoming fields. Explorers with own, first hand experience operates the site.
The Poles A site is devoted to the activities at both The Arctic and Antarctic. A lot of interesting information and links to expedition sites

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