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Expedition The North Pole Extreme (ski)

Expedition The North Pole Adventure (ski)

Expedition The North Pole Challenge (ski)

Expedition The North Pole Touch (ski)

Expedition The North Pole Touch with dogs

Expedition The North Pole Adventure with dogs

Helicopter expedition North Pole and Life on Ice

Helicopter expedition North Pole Joy

Helicopter expedition North Pole and Night on Ice

Helicopter expedition Night at the North Pole

Helicopter expedition Walk to the North Pole

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Experience skiing and helicopter expeditions in the midnight sun to the Geographical North Pole. These are the very rewarding tours for those who can accept camping in tents and appreciate wilderness. In April the climate is at its best with temperatures ranging from -30oC to -20oC. With an aircraft we will bring you from Spitsbergen to the Ice Camp situated at the latitude approx. 89 grad. North. Well-trained skiers will walk to the Pole with skis and pulks pushing through the pressure ridges, crossing the frozen leads and experience the feelings of the real Arctic explorers. The starting point for them will be chosen in accordance with weather and ice condition to guarantee the arrival to the North Pole on the appointed day. For ski fans, who prefer to spend a night in a warm place we suggest ski tours in the vicinity of the Ice Camp during the day and rest at night in the heated tents of the Ice Camp. They also have a great chance to witness a rich activity of the camp, share the camp with world-class skydivers, scuba divers or Arctic explorers. They will fly to the Pole with a helicopter. On the Pole all parties will have a celebration and contemplate the exploits of those who succeeded or failed to reach the place on the Earth where all meridians unite. From the Pole a helicopter and a plane will bring the travelers back to the civilized world. VICAAR also provides logistics support for self guided expeditions in the area of the North Pole.

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