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Expeditions to
Kamchatka and
Pacific islands

Anadyr – Wrangel Island – Anadyr ***

July 13 - July 23, 2008
11 days / 10 nights

*** Expedition will take place only with at least 60 participants.


1 st day

Anadyr . We embark the "Marina Tsvetaeva" and set sail in the afternoon.

2 nd day

If weather permits we will land at Cape Achen where dramatic bird cliffs tower over Achen Lake , a unique place for spawning of several valuable fish species.

Late in the afternoon we visit Provideniya, the local administrative centre, where we meet the local Chukchi to learn about history and culture of Chukotka.

3 rd day

Early in the morning we visit Yttigran Island where the impressive "Whale Bone Alley" is one of the masterpieces of Arctic culture. The bones of Bowhead Whales are laid out along the beach, the huge jawbones and ribs creating fantastic archs.

We also plan to land at Arakamchechen Island to enjoy the mountain landscape and wildlife. The island is remarkable for its numerous Walrus breeding sites.

4 th day

Cape Nunyamo . Our visit to Nunyamo village Ethnographic Complex is a good opportunity to observe Chukchi cultural treasures. Later we pass Cape Dezhnev , once called "The big Chukchi's Nose". The Cape is the easternmost point of Eurasia and has several interesting sites which we plan to visit:

. The Weather station

. The Monument to the Russian explorer Semyon Dezhnev, who discovered that Eurais and America were separate continents and was the first man to sail through the Bering Straits

. The Chukotka Ethnographic Complex

In a small Uelen settlement we discover carvings and other traditional crafts in the local museum.

5 th day

Today we visit the stunning Kolyuchiy Island , the gloomy, abandoned weather station enlivened by the tireless cries of thousands of nesting Puffins, Murres (Guillemots) and Cormorants.

6 th -7 th days

We plan to visit Wrangel Island on the afternoon of Day 6.

The Wrangel Island Nature Reserve has a unique and rich biodiversity which is not typical of the Arctic . The island flora and fauna include about 40 endemic species, some of which are relics of the last Ice Age, when the island amazingly escaped glaciation. Many of the endemics are vulnerable.

The island's fauna species include polar bear (Wrangel is the main breeding place of the bears in the Russian Arctic), walrus, lemming found only on the island, Russia's only breeding population of Snow Geese, and Musk-ox which were brought here in 1974.

8 th day

At sea.

9 th day

Lorino is a very traditional Chukchi village. We will be greeted by typical cultural events on the beach - national dances, a sled dog demonstration and, perhaps, umiak racing. The umiak is the local boat, made of walrus skin.

10 th day

At sea.

11 th day

Anadyr . In the morning we disembark the vessel and start our journey home.


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